Going to be fine

Going to be fine
Pipes: Pipi pipes – Flowey x Teawood
Hamper: Blackwell decorative laundry hamper – Aria
Mirror: Deloros decorative wall mirror – Aria
Sink: Deloros bathroom vanity – Aria
Toiletries: Deloros – Aria , Isabella cosmetics – What next, Curling wand and flat iron – Floorplan, Nailpolish – Floorplan

Hanging robe: Deloros decorative silk robe – Aria
Tub: Deloros bathtub – Aria
Stool: Torino decorative bathroom stool – Aria
Curtains: Bathroom curtain – Bazar
Rugs: Black and white rugs – Kuro

Build: House on the cliff – Scarlet creative

Evening Tea

Evening Tea
Structure: Country Keep – Scarlet Creative
Left: Decorative Door RARE (gacha item)- tres blah || ✤Lace Curtain – Kalopsia@ C88 || [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Huskies (gacha item) – ISPACHI || Oh Deer – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || ✤Betsy’s Reading Lamp – Vagabond @ LTD Event || ✤Shell Armchair (p.s: texture change!)- Kalopsia @ LTD Event || ✤Finley decorative books – ARIA || ✤Finley side table – ARIA
Middle: ✤Diedra Amsonia bouquet in a vase – ARIA || ✤Old Mirror – Kalopsia || Framed Picture – Marie Antoinette (gacha item) – tres blah || SLON SET – Frame 02 (gacha item) – ANE || Framed Picture – Ballerina 2 (gacha item) – tres blah || Lisbeth Books & Tea Decor – {what next} @ C88|| tea for 2 – [ keke ] || ✤Diedra coffee table – ARIA
Right: Sleepy Italian Greyhound – Red – +Half-Deer+ || ✤Decorative basket (pink) – Kuro || ✤Pearl’s Birdie Cage – Vagabond @ C88 || Design Books – Apple Fall || ✤Pearl’s Mobile – Vagabond @ C88 || Dellinger Desk – PILOT || Dwight Pictures – DIGS || ✤Grandfathers Clock Shelf – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ Shiny Shabby || ✤Memory Chair – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ Shiny Shabby || ✤Sun Flowers in Milk Can – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ Shiny Shabby || Vintage lace curtain – Soy

The dogs in this pic lives a good life.

My RL dogs are no stranger to living a great life. In fact, they were sleeping on our bed when I was drafting this post.

They never used to, not openly anyway. There were times when I wake up to find my dogs quietly crept up next to me in bed, and I let that slide because they were too cute and cuddly. And there were times when I felt rotten and ordered my dogs to cuddle up in bed with me. But they were never allowed on the bed on their own.

I used to run this household with an iron fist. The dogs know where they stand. Or sit. Or lie. You know, whatever it is that dogs do.

That has been my pooches’ way of life for 4 years now.

Eversince The Man came home for good (he used to work away) and the baton Alpha Dog passed on to him, the dogs have found another world.

Another world where the ruler is pretty damn awesome.

I know I’m this mean and strict owner. LOL I can’t change myself.

And I fully acknowledge that the Man is the super fun one. I only need to look at how they greet him vs how they greet me when we come home from work.

How my dogs greet me: Sit until the car is nicely parked in the driveway, and come over to say hello, with polite wags of tails. Hello Mother, how are you, is your day well, can we please get fed when it is a convenient time for you, yes we have been behaving all day, if you find something wrong, I didn’t do it he/she did.


Can you tell which of us is the dogs’ favourite?

Yeah, me neither.

Woof woof, my loves. <3

Ménage à trois

Ménage à trois
Structure: New York Studio Apartment – Apple Fall
From right to left:
Vulcano fireplace 1.0 – Ex Machina || Birokrat 2 – Bookkeeping desk – Ex Machina || Octopus WallDeco (Brass) – Pixicat (no longer available)|| Garvagh II Stool (Frost) – theosophy || ✤pommel horse bench. – junk || Dress Form (od group gift)- Remarkable Oblivion|| ✤Finley Chaise Lounge – ARIA || Atelier – Painting Robot – G.O.D || ✤MOROCCAN POUF – leather (gacha) – Soy || Chess Set – theosophy || Cheriton Side Table (Gold) – theosophy || porthole frame / blue-ringed octopus – SigFig || ✤Armillary Sphere – 22769~[bauwerk] || ✤Caged Doll – Faida (hunt prize for upcoming MadPea: The Collection game) || ✤Signe floor light – ARIA || Trunk Table – 22769~[bauwerk]

I think I’m slightly out of practice.

“It has been 25 days since you posted You, Me and The Weekend Sun“, WordPress helpfully told me.

Thanks, nifty stats! Indeed it has been. Frankly, I am shocked.

It didn’t feel that long!

Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess. XD

In 24 days, some things have indeed changed.

My ménage à trois with RL work, SL work and decorating was in danger of being unsuccessful. XD

I have come to terms that there is no possible way to juggle two busy lives properly. RL work is getting more demanding and since RL work pays for everything, obviously I am more inclined to put that first. Additionally, my little store is slowly becoming…not so little anymore. Something that started out as a hobby and a curiosity is starting to gain traction and I can’t remember how I survived the events rat race last month. *twitchtwitchtwitch*

Having said that, I’m having a lot of fun meshing. When you grow up frustrated about your lack of artistic talent, with the inability to breathe your imagination to life…being able to do that in 3D format is liberating and addictive.

So considering all of this, decorating becomes even more important as a stress reliever. And so, there is a minor but important changes, in terms of decorating for blogging.

For nearly a year now, I have declined review copies aside from those I was already blogging for. Even before my little store, I couldn’t find enough time. I mentioned this on my review policy, my sidebar, and my inworld profile. This strangely has made people more determined to ask me. Funny how it works, eh?

I sound like I’m admonishing, I assure you I am not. It takes a lot of courage to take charge and go up to people and ask “hey, would you be able to blog my products?” and then brace yourself for possible rejection.

Oh, trust me, I know. In running a store, I’ve done this exact thing several times. I consider myself a very confident person, but even I have to screw up an amount of courage to do it.

So, never be rude about it.

Anyway, last month I finally ‘retired’ receiving review copies altogether from the stores I usually blog for. The only guarantee I can give anyone is that nothing will be blogged on time, or even at all.

I don’t blog things that are new or latest. I blog things that I like, and sometimes I like old things. Like most things used in this pic. You’ve seen the octopus, the robot, the chess and side table. And this will not change. If I received the items for free in the past, it’ll still be marked as such so you know I will not be impartial on that marked item. Of course I will tell you those stuff are great, because if it wasn’t, why would I use it, am I right?

It has been a wonderful 2 years of receiving wonderful blogger copies, of feeling like it’s Christmas every week. I am thankful for those who have trusted me with their items. It was a fun and insightful journey. I made friends along the way too. Some even became mentors, taking their own time to teach me how to mesh.

But now it’s time to walk to my own drumbeat and go back to my decorating roots: doing it my way on my own time. <3

Insanity keeps leading you back to me

Insanity keeps leading you back to me
Lights: Under the sea bubbles – Second spaces [Collabor88: 8 July – 6 August]
Mirror: Veronica – Aria [Sou: 27 June – 25 July]

Finley chaise lounge – Aria [Fameshed: 1 July – 27 July]
Lux bar cart – Aria [The mens department: 5 July – 4 August]
Books with apple – Mudhoney
Gretchen sphere – Aria
Buckets of lemonade – Keke [For mix july]

Milk jug flowers – Keke [The seasons story: 10 July – ?]
Metal boxes with and without thyme – Keke [The seasons story: 10 July – ?]
Savannah candle holders – Aria [Uber: 25 June – 23 July]
Potted narcissus papyrace – Aria [Sou: 27 June – 25 July]
Veronica console table – Aria [Sou: 27 June – 25 July]

Veronica round pouf – Aria [Sou: 27 June – 25 July]
Finley decorative books – Aria [Fameshed: 1 July – 27 July]

Filis chair – Sway’s [For mix july]

Curtains: Savannah roman blinds – Aria [Uber: 25 June – 23 July]
House: Edmee – Llorisen

Here in The Sunny Corner

Here in The Sunny Corner
Structure: Petite Cabine – Scarlet Creative
✤slouchy chair. indigo – junk @ TMD || ✤boho curtain. – junk || knackered mess { sweet lavender } – emm/windsong (closed for revamp) || ✤Decorative basket – Kuro || star string lights – tarte || ✤Signe leaning shelf (decorated) – ARIA @ FaMESHed || ✤peacock frame. one. – junk @ LTD Event ||✤ suitcase player. – junk @ TMD || Almut Terrariums – DIGS

…a.k.a How I Miss Summer.

It’s winter here in Southern Hemisphere, and while I live in the part of the hemisphere with mildest winter, I despise winter.

Everything is dreary and ‘dead’. Including my plants. (To be fair, my plants die no matter what the season is cos I have brown thumb but shhhhh!).

My SL will always be summer. Forever. And Ever.

To eternity.

Not much to say this weekend so I’ll just wish your weekend to be full of cheerful summer goodness! <3