East Meets West Open House

East vs. West Open House Sign FramedI am so excited to share with you Interior & Spaces first open house for 2015!  Interior & Spaces Home Design is a residential and commercial full service design firm (interior & exterior) established in 2014 by myself and design partner in crime Niki Silverweb.  This year Niki’s workload increased and I took over the reigns as CEO and head designer.  With strategic marketing and phenomenal exposure due to my Avi Choice nomination, my client list and projects exploded.  It’s rare now that Niki & I have the opportunity to work on a sim build together.  We would be honored to invite you to our East Meets West Open House from September 1st-4th!

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miracles/41/27/22

Bali Ha'i Full ExteriorBali Ha'i VerandaBali Ha'i EntryBali Ha'i TablescapesBali Ha'i Living RoomBali Ha'i Bedroom OverviewBali Ha'i BedBali Ha'i BathroomNiki designed a striking luxurious Balinese tropical oasis fully submerged within the environment and raised it up on stilts with the sound of crashing waves in the distance.  The Trompe Loeil Seaside Cottage is a wooden clapboard one room structure with broad overhangs and open veranda.  For the sim build Niki added mature palm trees and rock walls to enclose the space.  The veranda welcomes the visitor to a gorgeous home with multiple seating around the fire pit, views of the ocean and mountain region, and umbrella drinks ready at the bar.  The one room cabana is divided into three separate areas: living room, dining room and bedroom suite.  The interior of this sophisticated, well-appointed home is contemporary with a strong color palette of aqua, orange, lime and kahului in the living room reflecting island living at it’s best with vaulted ceilings and fans.  Feast your eyes on all the tempting array of delicious delights presented before you on the buffet bar and dining table.  Moving from the main quarters we enter a serene bedroom suite in a neutral palette of white linen and carved wood furnishings.  In the bathroom area is a modern deep soaker tub.  Potted tropical plants and flowers accessorize the cabana.  Niki wanted to highlight Balinese decor with the guiding principles of nature, open areas, light and tropical luxury.

Red, White & Blue Beach HutsAmericana Beach HutLunar Seasonal Design Animated SeagullLemonade Beach HutLemonade Hut- DeckFiesta Front DeckBedroom Patio DoorOn the other side of the beach sim are three shacks all with different themes: Americana, Nautical and 80’s Neon Miami.  These beach shacks are typical of California coastal living, small interiors with large porches and back decks.  The Americana hut is decked out in Red, White & Blue, ready to celebrate with BBQ, picnic table and a smorgasbord of sweet treats.  Or maybe you prefer sipping lemonade and watching the sun set, then the Nautical hut is for you.  Complete with a bar, chill zone and tons of spots to relax.  Grab your Ray-Bans and acid-washed jeans, head over to the 80’s neon Miami hut for all your Fiesta Forever dreams.  This hut was designed with a colorful bedroom, party deck and watermelon themed front porch.  I enjoyed creating these three different spaces and there’s something for everyone, so head over and check them out!

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Serenity Style Summer Hideaway

Serenity Style- Summer Camp Bedroom

Happy Saturday!  I know, I promised I would feature each part of the one-room Summer hideaway, designed exclusively with Serenity Style, in a series this week, I’m sorry real life had other plans.  So I’m going to combine a few areas and wrap up the house tour in this post.  I have too many other projects and blog posts I need to finish.  That being said, let’s continue our journey moving from the kitchen into the bedroom.  Vintage worn-in country charm is predominate in the space with make-shift fence headboard, purple and soft green quilted duvet, eclectic wall art, and an assortment of rustic storage options.  The bedroom area is warm and inviting capturing the joy of a relaxing summer refuge.

Serenity Style- Summer Camp Bathroom

Serenity Style- Summer Camp Bathroom Close-up

It’s time to unwind and de-stress in the giant soaker tub, star-gazing while soaking away your troubles in the bathroom.  Simply appointed with a the basic essentials of a wardrobe, some decorative accessories, and an inviting chair.

Serenity Style- Summer Camp Living Room

Serenity Style- Summer Camp Overview

The washroom also serves as a backdrop for the living room with low table and floor seating.  With a pallet functioning as a coffee table, multiple pillow options for chairs, hanging paper lanterns above and games scattered around, an informal free-spirited mood encapsulates the one room summer studio.

Serenity Style- Summer Camp Laundry

Finally, as we return to the bucolic setting, the side porch is being used for vintage country laundry and beyond the sunflower fields, in the distance are a collection of rusty old machines.  Each zone of the tiny house has delights found at Serenity Style.

Structure: Trompe Loeil Garden Bard Adobe


  • Pilot, Window Shade (Fun Pack 2)
  • Sways, Filis Lamp
  • Serenity StyleGood Day Set (Bed & Wall Art), Sweet Wood, Flower Wood Fence, Sewing Box, Winter Rug, Vintage Stars Set (Stars Cabinet Decorated, Vase & Basket), Spring Chic Flowering Pot (part of the Spring Chic Set), Vintage Radio, Secret Shelf, Rusty Set (Mirror, Chest, Blanket & Box)


  • Serenity Style, Soak Your Troubles Bath Set (Black Bathtub, Message in a Bottle & Soak Your Troubles Frame), Spring Chic Bench (part of the Spring Chic Set), Spring Dreams Set (Spring Wardrobe & Chair), Oh My Owl!, Tazzo Home Decor Set (Tazzo Clock, Home1, Home2 & Boxes in Blue), Cucu Clock

Living Room

  • Serenity Style, Letters of Love Set (Table & Pillows), Vintage Record Player, Birdie Pillows, Flower Pot (part of Spring Flowers Gatcha), Tea Time Set, Tic Tac Toe (part of Old B&W Toys Gatcha)Milano Caffe Cup & Milano Muffins (part of Caffe Di Milano Set), Cute Scrabble 1 & 2, Stars Wood Puf (part of Vintage Stars Set)


  • Serenity Style, The Country Laundry Collection (Country Double Sink, Country Washboard Shelf & Country Bucket & Dryer), Old Rust Collection (car, water pump & gas pump)

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Dreamy Vintage Rose Salon

Dreamland Designs Vintage Rose

Step back to the Victorian era and bathe in luxury.  Dreamland Designs is offering the Vintage Rose collection discounted at Perfect Ten, available until August 15, 2015.  Vintage Rose contains the whitewash bathroom sink with “I <3 U” steam mirror, claw foot tub with English rose shower curtain, rose draped accent chair and candle caged chandelier {not shown}.  To complete the bathroom styling, I used Spargel & Shine Homes vintage rose painting, Victorian lady perfume ad, antique draped accent bath table and pewter & silk light fixture.  Soak up the glow of yesteryear elegance!

Taxi to Perfect Ten please…

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Bathing Under the Moonlight

Bathing Under Moonlight

Structure: ✤The Hunt Skybox – junk @ FaMESHed
Flower petals, wine and candles on the floor — rezzed by the tub..oh myyyy!
The rest of the credit in the next pic.

Aaaah, relaxation.

Hello lovelies, come in and dip a toe in my new bathtub! 😀 Before I derail this post into something else, let me just direct your attention to that yummy tub. I am late in blogging this tub. This tub debuted at Consensual event and is now up at ARIA‘s mainstore. Consensual is a new event that focuses on adult furniture and it was held on Sept 26th – Oct 5th and items are discounted 30%-50% off.

The flower petals, the wine and the candles were all rezzed by the tub. It disappears once you change animation, and I am not about to tell you which animation triggered this rezzables! *cough* Let’s just say, it’s pearl clutching, my dears!

The tubs are also texture change. In the following pic, I took off the pipes for the rest of the tub just so they’ll all fit in a picture, but those are all the colour options in one tub. Who loves options? WE DO!

Bathing Under Moonlight: DIY

✤Torino set by ARIA
Potted double stemed Orchid (texture change) || Torino ladder towel rack || Torino decorative bathroom stool ||  Torino free standing bathtub (texture change)
upcycled garden sink/eclectic – vespertine (sim currently closed for remodelling) || ✤Window [Here I am] black – Soy || Aisling Skincare – DIGS || Aisling Wicker Storage – DIGS || ✤Statement Lamp (yellow) – Kuro || ✤Triangle Terrarium [pyramidal] iron & [icosahedron] brass-Rare – Soy (gacha) @ The Gathering

The past few weeks was super hectic and decorating took a backburner. So I’m happy to be back on schedule!

Is it me, or am I feeling the stress in everyone this month?

I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s in the Linden water but it seems like everyone around me is in some sort of crackdom. I guess it’s that busy time of the year. So let’s gather round and share the wine for a minute.

It’s coming to Summer my side of the world, which means I’ll be as happy as a lark. But the seasons are turning on the other side of the world, I season I associate with melancholy in general. It’s getting darker and colder, which means some people will also experience feeling darker and colder. It’s insensitive for me to say ‘get over it, dude,” because hey, when it was Autumn/Winter my side of the world, I wasn’t the most pleasant person to be around.

But here’s the thing, ok? A large portion of what happens to us when it comes to SL is in our control. Inworld too noisy? Close that chat window and move on. Too many events to make things for? Finish your commitment for this month, slow down on committing next month. The holiday seasons are on the horizon, which means there will be more events popping up AND fighting for consumers money. Learn to say no. Be pickier in what you put your brand in. This might sound incredibly insensitive of me, especially when real money are made out of events but think about it: is it good to dilute your brand name by offering us yet another recolour, or slightly readjusted mesh you have used in 2-3 events prior? Do your absolute best in the few events you are in.

Are you a blogger with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) attitude and all the things in all the events wearing you thin? Here’s a test: tell me one thing you bought on 1st October 2014 and if you cannot name it exactly, acknowledge that whatever it is you buy today, you will not remember a week from now. Slow down, come back to your roots. Blog what you like and what reflects you and your aesthetics, don’t feel pressured to blog the same thing hundreds of other SL bloggers out there are blogging. Maybe even blog some old stuff just for fun. If this cease to be fun, there’s no use for it anymore.

These are the things we cannot do in RL. We cannot walk away from annoying people without being incredibly rude. We cannot tell a company “hey, we overbook so…we’re just not gonna manufacture this thing we told you we will, sorry bruh!”. And we cannot go to our work and say “you know what? I’m feeling burnt so…I’m just gonna skip work for oh, the next 2-3 weeks. But I’d like to come back whenever I’m rested.”

So, please remember the advantages we have when it comes to SL and remember to breath, soak and calm down.


LADIES AND GENTLEMEN… The second set from BAZAR at the…


The second set from BAZAR at the 2014 Home Show is the Toronto Bathroom. The great thing about most of the items, such as the bath, shower, and vanities is that they are texture change with silver, bronze and black options. Elements of the vanities for example the counter tops, the taps, and the timber surround can all be changed to completely customise the look.

The set features:

His and Hers vanities


Shelves (male and female versions)




Toilet (not shown)

PLUS….a string of bathroom accessories including artwork, flowers, razors, toothpaste and toothbrushes, makeup brushes and even decorative bottles. *

The Home Show closes on April 30th.

Also featured:

Plants: ‘Viviene’ potted Dieffenbachia + Bromeliad, ARIA *

Bath mat: ARIA *

Chair: Metal Chair (texture change), KURO *

Tissues: Tartessos Arts *

Build: 5th Avenue Skybox, Barnesworth Anubis [BA] *

* review copy