Going to be fine

Going to be fine
Pipes: Pipi pipes – Flowey x Teawood
Hamper: Blackwell decorative laundry hamper – Aria
Mirror: Deloros decorative wall mirror – Aria
Sink: Deloros bathroom vanity – Aria
Toiletries: Deloros – Aria , Isabella cosmetics – What next, Curling wand and flat iron – Floorplan, Nailpolish – Floorplan

Hanging robe: Deloros decorative silk robe – Aria
Tub: Deloros bathtub – Aria
Stool: Torino decorative bathroom stool – Aria
Curtains: Bathroom curtain – Bazar
Rugs: Black and white rugs – Kuro

Build: House on the cliff – Scarlet creative

You, Me and The Weekend Sun

You, Me and The Weekend Sun
Structure: Seaside Cabin – Toro @ C88
Outside : Palm Tree (from Walk Like an Egyptian set) – Kalopsia || Hot air balloon tealight – tarte @ Project Limited
Left to right: ropey shelf. wood. – junk || Grandma’s Art (balloon) – Little Llama || message board (mint) – fri.home || Wavie belted chair – Kuro @ ROMP || Toronto study books – Bazar || wall desk. wood. – junk || Leather Globe – LISP || A cup of spring – Eggshell – Half-Deer || Bon Voyage – Stacked Suitcases (old gacha) – Tres Blah || Spring Table Set (Stool & Laced Table, Spring Vase) – Kuro || Radio – Standby Inc. || lemonade – lemon – keke || Little Paris Kitchen – Stove – Tia || snow day string lights – dark – Second Spaces || Fridge (blue) – Soy || tea time/sunrise (the flask and cups on top of the fridge) – vespertine || Scale with Books – Sari-Sari

While we watch the tealights float away….

You might want to grab these tealights now

These adorable floating lights are from tarte @ Project Limited. As the event name suggested, this is limited and will never be sold again. They come in three packs of prettiness and it was really hard to choose which ones I wanted. You can get the fatpack for 750L too, which I was tempted to do but I held back because I may or may not have blown my lindens at C88. *cough*

[Fetch] is closing down…


But fear not, she is not gone forever! She will be joining forces with Jian to make more pretties. 😀

Grab a mate and head to the prom

Harlow Heslop is hosting a prom!

5th Annual Pixel Prom Ticket Sales
From Harlow Heslop’s Flickr

This is looking to be a fun event! This year’s theme is A Midsummer’s Night Dream. There are only 90 tickets available for each time slot and you can buy tickets for L$350. More info here.

Take lots of pictures if you do attend the prom so I can SLive vicariously through you. 😀 I would love to go, but I have a family gathering that weekend. <3

And then make plans to attend The Ball

Juno Mantel and I are hosting a Regency Ball on September 10th and y’all are cordially invited! 😀 We have uhhhhmmms and aaahhhss this plan for nearly 2 years now, and Juno decided to take action and just do it (and drag me with her).

The Ball - A Grand Regency Affair!There will be vendors making and selling things specifically within the theme if you’re worried about not being properly attired. However, we’re aiming for the sim to be a destination and not a commercial space so if you’re just coming over for a gander, you’re more than welcomed to! 😀 There will be RP opportunities, but you don’t have to RP if you don’t want to. (As a sidenote, I am planning to be there as a clucky, straight-laced, overbearing and nosy middle-aged woman, so be warned!).

We will be publishing more info closer to the date. o/

P.S: I have no idea how to end this post…

Pretty in Pink Punk

See it bigger and better on my Flickr stream!

I’m getting ready to head over to the Home Show, but wanted to sneak in a Collabor88 post first. You still have a few days to head over there before the collection changes, and there are some terribly cute home decor items available! I only have time to show a few this month. My partner and I are setting up a new home, and I couldn’t resist decorating my dressing room in a pink punk princess theme. The room makes me happy, and it goes to show that punk-inspired doesn’t have to mean dark or grunge (tho’ there is nothing wrong with that either!)

The Loft – Lux Wall Divider White
The Loft – Lux Ottoman White
Second Spaces – Pretty in Punk chair – pink
PILOT – Studded Lamp [Pink]
floorplan. neon skull / hot pink
Trompe Loeil – Alexi Chase Lounge Punk Standard
~Bazar~ Roya-Fluffy carpet
LAQ Decor ~ Serene Tree & Windmill Home

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No need for a spell

No need for a spell
Curtains: Toronto – Bazar
Sofa: In waiting – Art dummy
Room divider: Idle – Art dummy
Clock: Charlotte – Lisp
Orchids – Kalopsia
Sailor’s ottomans – Floorplan
Alchemist notes – Keke
Calla lillies – Consignment
Orbs – Mudhoney
Chelsea skinny vases – Mudhoney
Chelsea glam vases – Mudhoney
Fall pumpkin clonch – Apple fall
Wiggle modern light – Trompe l’oeil
Sailor’s chair – Floorplan
House: The trilby dacha – Scarlet creative

No sweeter innocence

No sweeter innocence
Nina standing art – Aria
Record player + stand – Surf Co
Bookshelf – M.fox

No sweeter innocence3
Cookbook – Flowey [The Arcade: 1st September – 30th September]
Lydia amsonia flowers – Aria
Charlotte home bookends – Lisp
Tinnies farm book – Flowey [The Arcade: 1st September – 30th September]
Walkie talkies – Floorplan
XO bear – Boogers
Dollies: Jenny & Autumn – Mudhoney
Whale – Art dummy
Little black book – Flowey [The Arcade: 1st September – 30th September]

No sweeter innocence4
Decorative standing plates – Dutchie
Weapons & rainbows book – Flowey [The Arcade: 1st September – 30th September]
Popcorn fishtank – Floorplan [The Arcade: 1st September – 30th September]
Briggs candlesticks – Digs
Books and plate decor – Bazar
Archibald Gachum’s book – Flowey [The Arcade: 1st September – 30th September]
Music box – Floorplan
Orbit decor – Mudhoney
Orbs – Mudhoney
Bolt statue – Commoner

No sweeter innocence2
Wooden decor – Teawood
Riviera deco clock – Second spaces
Dueling books – Flowey [The Arcade: 1st September – 30th September]
Music box – Floorplan
Vase with yellow flowers – Dutchie
Chinese vases – Dutchie
To pee or not to pee – Flowey [The Arcade: 1st September – 30th September]
Bacall bowl of roses – The loft

No sweeter innocence5
Comfy stool – Kuro
It’s all peachy – Teawood
Books (on the floor): Reference books – Floorplan
Book: The burning – Flowey [The Arcade: 1st September – 30th September]
Comfy armchair – Kuro
Door mat: Owl – Sway’s [The Arcade: 1st September – 30th September]
Popcorn machine – Floorplan [The Arcade: 1st September – 30th September]
Penelope table – Mudhoney
Beloni lamp – Scarlet creative

Build: Plywood commercial – Apple fall [Home and garden expo, sim 3: 16 September – 28 September]