Fiesta Forever!

Fiesta Forever Beach HutHappy Saturday!  Completing the three beach hut stylings, my last Trompe Loeil Kiya summer shack is a tribute to the 80’s: bright colors, neon and party time.  Lionel Richie’s All Night Long was stuck in my head while decorating this awesome blend of everything fun and cool that represents summer cheer.

Fiesta Front Deck

FT Slice of Life Watermelon Chairs

FT Watermelon Eating Sign

FT Watermelon PunchThe front deck is styled in a watermelon theme using Finishing Touches Slice of Life Collection.  The watermelon print sunbrella, patio chairs, decorative signs and punch bowl table are some of my favorite outdoor garden furnishings and perfect for summer entertaining!

80's Bedroom

80's Lounge Area

Bedroom Patio DoorFor the inside of the one room cabin, Fiesta, I decorated a bedroom and lounge space in vibrant neon colors with Sway’s Tyler Bedroom Set and Sweet Living Room Collection.

Fiesta Back Deck

The Mustard Seed Patio Set Close up

Surf Lounge Area

Back Deck Bar

Bar Close-upFinally, on the rear deck are several rest areas and a bar with yummy food from the grill.  The bright colorful Retro Garden Party Set from The Mustard Seed is texture change and on sale for 50% off at Perfect Ten until July 15th. Hop over to Perfect Ten, grab this steal of a deal and why not host a summer Fiesta party!

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Lark – Flux “Americana”

Flux is back and the first monthly theme is “Americana”, just in time for Independence Day. All I could think about was the road trips my family and I took across the US in the Summer when I was a kid. Seeing the entire Country left an impression on me and I always found State spoon collections sort of kitschy and fun, so I went ahead and created a set of collectible spoons as a gacha. Rather than make you go crazy trying to get all 50 States, I broke them up into sets of 5 by regions that you can see listed below on the gacha keys. Each set is “common” but I also created 3 sets of US landmarks and tourist attractions that are “rare”.  You will also find the newly released “Heart of America” headbands in silly prints with a free set of patriotic headbands to celebrate the 4th of July. See you at Flux!

Collectible Spoons Ad 1

Collectible Spoons Key 4

Collectible Spoons Key 1

Lark - Heart Headbands Ad2 - 2048x1024

Lark - Heart Headbands Ad1 - 2048x1024