Going to be fine

Going to be fine
Pipes: Pipi pipes – Flowey x Teawood
Hamper: Blackwell decorative laundry hamper – Aria
Mirror: Deloros decorative wall mirror – Aria
Sink: Deloros bathroom vanity – Aria
Toiletries: Deloros – Aria , Isabella cosmetics – What next, Curling wand and flat iron – Floorplan, Nailpolish – Floorplan

Hanging robe: Deloros decorative silk robe – Aria
Tub: Deloros bathtub – Aria
Stool: Torino decorative bathroom stool – Aria
Curtains: Bathroom curtain – Bazar
Rugs: Black and white rugs – Kuro

Build: House on the cliff – Scarlet creative

Until these scares are turned

Until these scares are turned
Garden lounger: Dreamer – Sway’s [Mix: August]
Jar lantern: Lisbeth twinkly jar lantern – What next [Collabor88: 8 August – 6 September]
Sparkles: Shimmer cloud – Keke [Collabor88: 8 August – 6 September]
Book: Daydream – Floorplan [Collabor88: 8 August – 6 September]
String lights: Lisbeth twinkly jar string lights – What next [Collabor88: 8 August – 6 September]
Blanket with picknick supplies: Listbeth – What next [Collabor88: 8 August – 6 September]

Fence: Beach fence – Keke
Hedges: Conifer unkept hedges – Digs

Evening Tea

Evening Tea
Structure: Country Keep – Scarlet Creative
Left: Decorative Door RARE (gacha item)- tres blah || ✤Lace Curtain – Kalopsia@ C88 || [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Huskies (gacha item) – ISPACHI || Oh Deer – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || ✤Betsy’s Reading Lamp – Vagabond @ LTD Event || ✤Shell Armchair (p.s: texture change!)- Kalopsia @ LTD Event || ✤Finley decorative books – ARIA || ✤Finley side table – ARIA
Middle: ✤Diedra Amsonia bouquet in a vase – ARIA || ✤Old Mirror – Kalopsia || Framed Picture – Marie Antoinette (gacha item) – tres blah || SLON SET – Frame 02 (gacha item) – ANE || Framed Picture – Ballerina 2 (gacha item) – tres blah || Lisbeth Books & Tea Decor – {what next} @ C88|| tea for 2 – [ keke ] || ✤Diedra coffee table – ARIA
Right: Sleepy Italian Greyhound – Red – +Half-Deer+ || ✤Decorative basket (pink) – Kuro || ✤Pearl’s Birdie Cage – Vagabond @ C88 || Design Books – Apple Fall || ✤Pearl’s Mobile – Vagabond @ C88 || Dellinger Desk – PILOT || Dwight Pictures – DIGS || ✤Grandfathers Clock Shelf – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ Shiny Shabby || ✤Memory Chair – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ Shiny Shabby || ✤Sun Flowers in Milk Can – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ Shiny Shabby || Vintage lace curtain – Soy

The dogs in this pic lives a good life.

My RL dogs are no stranger to living a great life. In fact, they were sleeping on our bed when I was drafting this post.

They never used to, not openly anyway. There were times when I wake up to find my dogs quietly crept up next to me in bed, and I let that slide because they were too cute and cuddly. And there were times when I felt rotten and ordered my dogs to cuddle up in bed with me. But they were never allowed on the bed on their own.

I used to run this household with an iron fist. The dogs know where they stand. Or sit. Or lie. You know, whatever it is that dogs do.

That has been my pooches’ way of life for 4 years now.

Eversince The Man came home for good (he used to work away) and the baton Alpha Dog passed on to him, the dogs have found another world.

Another world where the ruler is pretty damn awesome.

I know I’m this mean and strict owner. LOL I can’t change myself.

And I fully acknowledge that the Man is the super fun one. I only need to look at how they greet him vs how they greet me when we come home from work.

How my dogs greet me: Sit until the car is nicely parked in the driveway, and come over to say hello, with polite wags of tails. Hello Mother, how are you, is your day well, can we please get fed when it is a convenient time for you, yes we have been behaving all day, if you find something wrong, I didn’t do it he/she did.


Can you tell which of us is the dogs’ favourite?

Yeah, me neither.

Woof woof, my loves. <3

Fourth of July is coming….

Tylar Treasures 4th of July Set full

Have you been to The Cookie Jar Community 4th Anniversary Yard Sale yet?  Hurry up……you have until June 30th to grab 14 birthday gifts from The Cookie Jar merchants and take advance of deep discounts on the 13 carts place around the village region.  Tylar’s Treasures is one of the merchants offering you the Stars & Stripes Forever collection perfect for the upcoming USA 4th of July celebration.  The Stars & Stripes Forever set includes a patriotic bench, blue star chest, decorative oar table lamp, stars & stripes heart topiary, nautical oar wall art, and Americana round rug, available as a set, or sold separately both offered at 50% off.  Tylar’s free cookie jar gift corresponds to the Stars & Stripes Forever collection, so be sure to pick it up when head over to The Cookie Jar Community Yard Sale.

Tylar Treasures 4th of July Set

To complete the patriotic scene I used What Next’s Mayfair Trunk (Old Glory)Second Spaces Pratt Table & DecorFinishing Touches Wooden Stars and Twig Wreath White (Star Studded).  You can’t have a 4th of July party without some sweet treats and Aphrodite Shop’s Patriotic Sweets Dispenser and 4th of July Puddings Platter (part of the 4th of July dessert pack) is perfect for the occasion.  Hope you enjoyed my salute to America and hop over to The Cookie Jar to grab Tylar’s Treasures star-spangled deals.

Taxi to The Cookie Jar Community Yard Sale please…

Tylar Treasures 4th of July Set food table

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Too much stuff to fit in this little box, so credits in the main post <3

It’s been a stressful few days, inner-peace speaking. I’m just clawing for a bit of peace and a modicum of control over my own thoughts. I’ve been battling with decisions about RL work and it’s both scary and overwhelming.

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. – Buddha

I’m taking your advice then, Bodhisattva. So today I’m refusing to think of the past or the future, and concentrate on me and now.

Decorating is definitely my nirvana.

I feel a lot better now.

The day is still not over, so I’m still refusing to tackle the pending issue.

There’s still tomorrow, eh?


The big stuff
Scarlet Creative Petite Cabine – Scarlet Creative
Enchanted Woods v2 -Skye Studio

The Bookshelf
– ✤Aja’s Bookshelf – Vagabond , and in and around the shelf:
– ✤Buddha Head Porcelain – 22769~[bauwerk]
– Oolong Teacup Planter Moth Orchid- Cerise (old gacha) – ARIA
– #11 Antique telephone (old gacha)- Zaara [home]
– #3 Silver jewelry Box (old gacha) – Zaara [home]
– PenHolder PaintBrush – PLAAKA
– Paintbrush Holder – Shabby Chic – Half-Deer
– Row of Books – {what next}
– Arch Papers in baskets – Consignment
– Design Books – Apple Fall
– Tarot Music Box – ‘The Fool’ – !Ohmai
– ✤Razi Dream Art – Fetch
– Old Metal Trunk – Soy @ The Arcade June 2015
– Playful Pup Blonde (old gacha) – fashionably dead
– ✤Cherry Blossom Bird Cage – 22769~[bauwerk]

On the wall
– ✤Fishercat – Kuro
– butterfly diagram print – floorplan
– ✤Deva hanging tapestry – ARIA @ uber
– ✤Razi Mirror (the one in the middle)- Fetch
– ✤Gilded Lament Mirror – Fetch
– diy color swatch board – vespertine
– ✤Hanging Coconut Bowl with Cactus – Soy @ The Arcade, June 2015

Seating Area
– ✤Signe sectional sofa – ARIA @ FaMESHed, and on and around the sofa:
– Bletchley Typewriter_Red – Eli Baily
– pride & prejudice manuscript – floorplan
– Journal [girly] – PILOT
– caged wisdom – floorplan
– Cat – 11 Sitting (old gacha) – fashionably dead

Window area
– ✤ Our Secret Camp -Toran (that’s the hanging bit on the window sill) – Soy @ The Arcade June 2015
– 18 Rajastani wall hanging *elephant* (old gacha)- Zaara [home]
– ✤Old Radio LP player – Soy @ The Arcade June 2015which is sitting on top of:
– Trunk table *truck art* (old gacha)- Zaara [home], and on top of the radio are…
– ✤Signe potted narcissus papyraceus – ARIA @ FaMESHed
– Carriage Clock (od gacha) – Apple Fall